Dreams of Flight

Man has always yearned for the sky, while flight has been a theme historically turned to by prominent thinkers, inventors, artists, directors and musicians. Starting August 1, the Moscow City Museum will make these dreams a reality with the launch of "Dreams of Flight".

"Dreams of Flight" is a multifaceted exploration, which showcases the unique viewpoints of artists, engineers, programmers, urbanists, and architects. The exhibition combines pubic art, kinetic sculpture, virtual reality, as well as educational programs, and will take place in multiple locations around Moscow-City.

Preparation for take-off will begin on the summer platform of the Empire skyscraper with the "Origami" sculpture by artist Maksim Ksuta known for synthesizing art and science in his work. "Origami," a large-scale paper airplane made of steel, reminds of both the children's game, and of man's constant desire for new heights, which resonates with the atmosphere of Moscow City, and its skyscrapers.
Next, visitors will be greeted by Vasiliy Shchetinin's "Icarushka" in the lobby of the Empire Tower. The kinetic sculpture, a constructible model of a man in flight, epitomizes the dream of using one's own wings to fly. Architect, designer, and inventor Vasily Shchetinin is also the co-founder of the Nikola-Lenivets Art-Park, and of the Archstoyanie Land Art Festival. Shchetinin planned to unveil his 40-meter-tall soaring man with wings, in the summer of 2017, at the Burning Man Festival held annually in Nevada's Black Rock dessert. Sadly, the architect passed away before he was able to realize his dream. "Icarushka" will kick off a discussion regarding flight, freedom, and the future in the lobby of the Empire skyscraper.

"Dreams of Flight" will continue with Icarus's birds-eye view of the city. VR-masks will serve in place of the mythological figure's eyes and will be available at the elevator entrance. Ascent to the 215-meter-high Moscow City Museum will transform into an enthralling journey above Moscow's skyscrapers. The flight will continue inside with a VR-installation of the "Eyes of Icarus," which will allow visitors donning VR headsets to fly over Gorky Park, and the Zhivopisny Bridge—transporting them from one location to another. "Eyes of Icarus" was created in collaboration with the VRTech Group.

This September, the Moscow City Museum will host a series of discussions dedicated to airborne cities. Vicente Guallart, Barcelona's chief architect (2011−2015), and head of the Prototyping Future Cities master program, at the Urban Studies Graduate School, and Nikolay Bezhko of McFly. aero, an international business community dedicated to the development of air taxis, will discuss the flying cities of the future, and their potential infrastructures. Alexander Ostrogorsky, of the MARSH Architecture school, will speak about the utopias connected to flying cities. This educational program is result of a collaboration between the Shukhov Lab of the Advanced School of Urban Studies (Higher School of Economics), and the MARCH School of Architecture.
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