Music for fireworks

On May 9, a festive concert took place in the Moscow City Museum & Observation Deck. The Moscow Ensemble of Contemporary Music (MCME) performed Pavel Karmanov’s "Music for Fireworks" in honor of Victory Day. The performance was simultaneously held in the panoramic loft of the museum, on the 58th floor, and on the roof of the Imperia skyscraper. "Music for Fireworks" was composed by the neoclassical composer Pavel Karmanov, and performed by the soloists MCME. This unique performance is a tribute from the classical musicians to those who defended the Fatherland, and to all of us who continue to live in this world.

The music will lift us, not only figuratively but literally, as well. The concert will take place 215 meters above Moscow, overlooking a panoramic view of the city, which will illuminate the festive fireworks. Pavel Karmanov is one of the well-known and sought after Russian composers. He’s the author of numerous soundtracks for film and theater productions and a participant of Russian and international music festivals. His work is performed all over the world by outstanding musicians and orchestras with impressive global reputations. Pavel Karmanov: "I've written a lot of music dedicated to various festive dates. Music for Fireworks was written in 1998 as the final accord of the legendary Alternative International Festival. It was performance at the Rachmaninov Hall of the Moscow Conservatory with live fireworks visible through the windows, and crowning the composition. Since then, this piece has been performed numerous times, and in a variety of venues, often in tribute to some of history’s most telling moments. Therefore, when MCME and I were offered to provide a soundtrack to such a monumental event as the celebratory salute of May 9, we immediately chose this particular composition."

Olga Pogasova, Museum Director and the program’s curator: "Moscow City Museum & Observation Deck is a unique space located at an altitude of 215 meters. People no longer concentrate on the details this high up. Instead, they’re affected by the sheer scale of it all. This project was interesting in that it accented and explored these spatial and temporal characteristics. It gave room for reflection, and allowed the audience to formulate their own attitude regarding this important historical holiday."

The event consisted of several parts. First, a soundtrack of Pavel Karmanov’s "Music for Fireworks was played along with a musical improvisation by MCME soloists, and samples of the fireworks, which served to dub the fireworks outside. Right after the actual fireworks, MCME played two compositions — "quaREtet" and "Cambridge Music," which served to create a festive and joyous atmosphere.

It was possible to watch and listen to the "Music for Fireworks" in both the panoramic loft and on the roof of the Imperia skyscraper.
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