Children's Skyscraper Quest

Moscow City Museum & Observation Deck’s Children’s Quest is an adventure at an altitude of 215 meters above Moscow, which will allow the child to feel themselves true detectives. The rules are simple — find fairy tale characters that are 'hiding' in the museum. There are 14 of them in total, hiding in the most unexpected, and clandestine places of the Moscow City Museum & Observation Deck. During their search, children will experience all of the musuem’s exhibits, and become acquainted with the history of high-rise construction in Moscow, while the panorama of the city will serve as set decoration for the game.
The quest is designed for visitors from three years of age but will also be of interest to older children. For example, they’ll have the option of testing their memory by locating all of the characters living at this hight, while only looking at the list once. To participate in the quest, please ask for the rules, and a card when purchasing your tickets at the ticket office, or simply ask the museum administrators.
Moscow City Museum & Observation Deck
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