Future in the City

A major conference about new technologies, and what the near future holds in store
On the 18th and 19th of July, at the Imperia Tower, business leaders from Europe, Asia and the USA will discuss the effect modern technology is having on Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, electric vehicles, and even he way children are developing and growing up with today's tools.

You'll get the latest forecasts for the introduction of blockchain technology into actual sectors of the economy, and you could take part in discussions about the role of women in I, or the gender balance in modern business ecosystems.

Future in the City
Short, yet worthwhile talks and discussions in a TED-like format

Popular, yet meaningful content
Informal interaction with the real stars of today's technology world
Direct contact with international expert journalists and specialists
Robots & People - what life will be like in a world where robots learn to love
Robotics is an actively-developing sphere. Today we find robots controlling cars, working in factories, and even deployed in medicine - where they assist people recovering from critical injuries. Robots can even look and talk like people - just take a look at Alisa Zelenogradova! The panel for this discussion of 'Robots & People' - implacable foes, or inseparable allies?" will be identifying the professions in which robots might replace people - as well as debating whether it's time to beware of what Artificial Intelligence is capable?
Dr. Quy Vo-Reinhard: Healthcare Currency of the Future
HIT Foundation tokenizes health information and build a decentralized market place that leverages blockchain technology to incentive individuals to digitize, trace and monetize their health data in a secure and transparent manner
New Lives For Old - how technology can help us turn the clock back
There's no single, simple theory that's able to explain the causes of ageing. Despite this, scientists have identified a few particular earthly creatures that are at least almost immortal. Thanks to their ability to protect their cells from ageing, these creatures are capable - given ideal conditions - of living almost forever. The discussion panelists in this discussion - "Why we get old, and how could we stop it - Science Vs God/Nature" will be debating whether science can make people immortal, and where religion fits into that picture.
The Digital Native Generation - how can technology bring up our kids?
Do we need to ration the time our kids spend on the internet or with their gadgets? One researcher claims that today's 11-year-olds are as smart as 8-year-olds used to be, 30 years ago - yet other sources believe that modern kids process and analyse information much faster. Which conflicting experts to believe - and is there a 'golden mean' in the middle? How far will this new generation differ from us? "How modern technologies influence kids, and why the new generation will be totally different to any other", will put these ideas, and others related to them, under the microscope.
Dr. Aubrey de Grey: Cancel aging! How can we conquer in our lifetime?
People are living longer than they used to - no longer because of reductions in child mortality, but because we are postponing the ill-health of old age. But you've seen nothing yet: regenerative medicine and other new biomedical technologies will eventually be so comprehensive that people will stay truly youthful however long they live - which means they may mostly live very long indeed. The social and economic consequences of this transition will pervade every aspect of our lives. I will discuss both the biology and the sociology of what will be the most momentous advance in the history of civilization.
The Ideology of Tomorrow. The technology of the future, which is already changing our lives today
Sci-fi movies feature electric vehicles in a world that's entirely operated by artificial intelligence. Virtual and augmented realities surround us, printers can print houses, and even human organs for transplant operations. We've made a huge leap in making these technologies reality - things which will make cardinal changes in the life of mankind. One more push - and the future moves into reach. To discuss the gains to be had from developing technologies we've brought together the lecture panel for "Ideologies of Tomorrow - technologies of the future which are already changing our lives today."
Sebastian Serrano: Blockchain and financial inclusion in emerging markets
Sebastian will talk about the potential of Blockchain development in emerging markets, from his experience as a pioneer in the field (launching the first Latin American Bitcoin payment gateway in 2013 and creating the digital wallet Ripio in 2014), and the road of his latest project RCN: a global credit protocol based on smart contracts that intends to increase transparency and trust in peer-to-peer lending. The project applies the perks of the Ethereum network and Blockchain technology and includes a local intermediary agent that neutralizes the credit risk aiming to build an innovative solution, reduce brokerage costs and offer better conditions for both lenders and borrowers all over the world.
Blockchain & Bitcoin - sensational technologies that are changing much more than our wallets
Blockchain has been the most hotly-discussed topic of the past year. It's a real technological breakthrough that can not only offer us truly independent crypto-currencies but also wipe-out corruption, sweep out middlemen from contracts between companies, and keep any kind of data secure. However, the yawning oscillations in its value, and the troughs that follow so predictably after its peaks have led commentators to compare its rise to the dot-com boom. Our talk panel for "Blockchain - just another bubble, or the central technology of the future?" will be discussing the prospects for distributed-registry technologies, and offering their assessments for its future development.
The Gender Balance - women in the IT industry
Psychologists have proved that the female intellect doesn't lag behind men in the slightest when it comes to analytical or technical skills. Proof of the absence of any links between gender and intellect grows clearer with every passing year. Further confirmation comes from the numbers of women graduating from technical colleges and universities. Yet against this, the number of women in the IT industry in the USA still hovers around 30% - and the picture in Russia is even gloomier still. 'The Gender Balance - women in the IT industry' is a lecture whose panellists will discuss why this imbalance exists - and suggest ways the industry can grow that would take steps to correct it.
Anton Kolonin: Reputation systems for liquid democracy in mixed human-computer environments
The modern world is represented by computer networks that unite billions of people and devices with a high degree of connectivity, the speed of information transmission and the breadth of its distribution. In these conditions, the age-old problems of democratic governance, public consensus and trust in information and its sources are becoming vital for any communities - both people and distributed computing systems, as well as ecosystems that combine both. Reliability of determining the reputation of participants in systems is the key to the sustainable development of communities and requires new solutions.
Dr. Aubrey de Grey
SENS Research Foundation
Aubrey is a biomedical gerontologist based in Mountain View, California, USA, and is the Chief Science Officer of SENS Research Foundation, a California-based 501(c)(3) biomedical research charity that performs and funds laboratory research dedicated to combating the aging process. He is also VP of New Technology Discovery at AgeX Therapeutics, a biotechnology startup developing new therapies in the field of biomedical gerontology. In addition, he is Editor-in-Chief of Rejuvenation Research, the world's highest-impact peer-reviewed journal focused on intervention in aging. He received his BA in computer science and Ph.D. in biology from the University of Cambridge. Dr. de Grey is a Fellow of both the Gerontological Society of America and the American Aging Association, and sits on the editorial and scientific advisory boards of numerous journals and organisations. He is a highly sought-after speaker who gives 40-50 invited talks per year at scientific conferences, universities, companies in areas ranging from pharma to life insurance, and to the public.
Nicole Mills
Nicole earned her baccalaureate from the University of Minnesota, followed by an MA in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin. Nicole has clocked-up over 18 years experience as an engineer, project manager, development & training manager for personnel and management projects in industries as diverse as high-tech, light industry, oil and gas, chemical manufacturing, and manufacturing construction-industry materials. She is an enthusiastic team-player, where she aims to provoke curiosity alongside serious consideration that enable people to produce their best possible work.
Dr. Quy Vo-Reinhard
HIT Foundation
Dr Vo-Reinhard is the Chief Data Officer and Co-Founder of the HIT Foundation - a blockchain-based Exchange for healthcare data - in addition to being a globally-renowned speaker. Her life's work is dedicated to healthcare innovations aimed at providing equal opportunities and benefits to all users. Dr Vo Reinhard undertook her PhD in Computational Biomedicine at the Rhine-Westphalian Technical University of Aachen, thereafter earning an MBA from the EBS University of Business and Law, in Germany. During the 'Blockshow Europe 2018' conference she was voted 'The Most Influential Woman in Blockchain in Europe'.
Edward Gurinovich
Expload, Carprice
Edward started his first business when he was just 16 - an internet store selling fan gear for Zenit football team. In parallel with his uni studies he worked in major insurance companies before opening his own internet marketing agency - which handled client accounts including Ulmart and Yandex. In 2013 Edward Gurinovich carried off the title in a competition for young Russian entrepreneurs - and where he met Oscar Hartmann. It was a meeting that led to the founding of CarPrice - a firm that just five years later would become one of the top-valued start-ups in the history of Russian business.
Stewart Rogers
With over 25 years experience in marketing and information technologies, Stewart today can be found working as an Analysis Consultant at VentureBeat - where he researches marketing technologies, artificial intellect, blockchain technologies and virtual/augmented reality. He also works as a journalist for VentureBeat, bringing news support to all kinds of marketing innovations in these areas. Before all this, Stewart Rogers ran successful software companies and held top sales and marketing positions in the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK.
Alisa Chumachenko
GOSU Data Lab
Alisa Chumachenko is the "icon of the game industry", the founder of the global game company Game Insight (350 million players), is one of the most respected experts in the field of IT. She works 15 years in game development. Alisa has two success stories of large companies, theater education, a passion for games and technology. Her new company GOSU Data Lab is a product incubator company focused on gaming data and AI. GOSU Data Platform aggregates all gaming data into one platform, and creates tools that can be used by connected in-house production studios. Our first product GOSU.AI – AI driven platform for competitive gamers, that helps them to improve their skills. Personal trainer, couch instructor. She is in top 30 women changed IT by TechCrunch and a manager of the year 2012 (Forbes).
Masha Drokova
Day One Ventures
Masha is the founder and General Partner at Day One Ventures. Before launching Day One, she was an angel investor and founder of a PR studio that worked with companies like Houzz, HotelTonight, Gett, and Toptal. She was named by Business Insider as a top 50 PR pro in tech. Masha has a deep love for our earth and serves as an advisor to Oceanic, a non-profit using VR to bring attention to issues impacting our oceans.
Yuri Deigin
Youthereum Genetics
Yury Deigin is the founder of Youthereum Genetics - a project that makes genetic therapy available for epigenetic rejuvenation, as well as being VP Of the 'Science For Extended Life' Foundation for the Support of Scientific Research. He is a graduate of the University of Toronto, and of Columbia Business School, as well as being an entrepreneur, a leading expert in the development and marketing of new medicines. Mr Deigin is a speaker, blogger, biohacker, and the author of popular scientific papers on the biological mechanisms of ageing, and on numerous technologies for prolonging life.
Anastasia Shvetsova
Anastasia Shvetsova is a managing partner in M&A PR studio. Anastasia is one of the most trusted public relations and communications professionals in the technology industry, having worked with web giants such as Facebook, WeWork, PayPal, Houzz, Gett and others. Today, her public relations agency helps to lead the way for the best and brightest teams in blockchain and cryptocurrency, including SingularityNET, Blackmoon Financial Group, Jibrel Network, Waves, Ripio, Bitfury, and others. Previously, she was Head of Communications at the Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture, and Design, as well as a former journalist with Forbes Magazine. She runs the biggest non-profit tech conference in Russia. According to The Next Web Anastasia is one of the most known women in crypto.
Dmitry Matskevich
Dmitry is a successful entrepreneur in the IT world, specialising in machine learning and artificial intellect. Prior to Dbrain, Dmitry created Icon8 - a chatbot that could use a neural network to process photographs instantaneously. It became a chatbot used by over 7.5 million users - the most popular on Telegram, and going on to receive a personal grant for developing cloud technologies from Pavel Durov, Telegram's founder. During his tech career Dmitry has worked for such major firms as Accenture, WikiMart, and NetCracker. Dmitry features in the VentureBeat Top-100 Most Important individuals in the chatbot world, as well as in the Top-30 Belarussian Entrepreneurs Under 30.
Alexei Khakhunov
Alexei is an expert in the sphere of machine learning and artificial intelligence - the co-founder and CTO of the Dbrain blockchain platform, the founder of R-SEPT (tech robotisation of milk-producing farms), as well as being the founder of connectome ai (a project for the search and implementation of business solutions in the AI field). Alexei's specialist interest is in managing projects of any kind of complexity - for the past three years he has been leading R&D management teams in the areas of AI and robotics.
Sebastian Serrano
Sebastian had already become an established inventor and developer at an early age - which helped him to later launch a successful startup producing web and mobile apps. He founded Ripio in 2014 to offer aspects of Bitcoin and credit payments to private individuals, alongside a comprehensive package of financial services to trading companies. Through Ripio and its most recently-launched Ripio Credit Network, Sebastian and his team aim at democratising the world of digital payments in developing countries.
Dmitry Ufaev
An entrepreneur with 20 years experience, Dmitry Ufaev is a triathlon competitor, and three-time Ironman finalist. Between 2002 and 2008 Dmitry worked at RosBusinessConsulting as a Managing Partner, with responsibility for IT-systems, and the company's place in the Top500 and Government listings. Between 2009 and 2014 he served as VP for IT at the private educational holding company Synergy - where he created the MegaCampus distance-learning platform, as well as a system for automation of business processes for the Akada educational corporation. In parallel with his work at Synergy, in 2010 Dmitry and his partners created the Biglion startup - in which he successfully sold his holding to focus on the creation of technology projects in Silicon Valley. Since December 2017 he has been heading Bitfury's Russian office.
Dmitry Chebanov
The scientist in cancer bioinformatics, the specialist in computational biology of genome and cell. Prior to founding "OncoUnite" served as a big data analyst in major Russian mobile operator Beeline and commercial banks, researching risks of the high-load systems. He worked as an expert of the international investment fund, where he was engaged in financial planning and modeling of the profitability of portfolio companies. In 2016 he founded the biomedical company "OncoUnite". Member of international projects in the field of artificial intelligence in biomedicine. Received the M.Sc. degree in Bauman MSTU. Assistant professor of the Chair of Mathematics, Logic and Intellectual Systems in the Humanities of the RSUH. Research associate of the Dorodnicyn Computing Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Member of several American and Russian scientific and clinical associations : AACR, ASCO, ESMO and others.
Ilya Drozdov
Between 2014 and 2017, Ilya has held different positions with Uber in the EMEA region: starting from an operations manager and completing his career track with the company as one of its general managers in charge of 1,000 employees. Today, Drozdov and his team are working of the Olduvai smart locks, which are scheduled for market launch in November 2018.
Natalia Simonenko
Oyster, Movavi
Natalia co-founded Movavi in 2004 with initial private funding of 3,000 US dollars and led this business through 2012. Today Movavi is 300-employee, privately-held, consumer software company with a portfolio of more than 30 multimedia products used by millions of customers in 150+ countries. Natalia co-founded Movavi IT School in 2016, with a mission to provide Siberian kids and teenagers aged 6-16 with a high quality STEM and robotics education in after-school and summer camp settings.
Natalia's new project Oyster is an educational service for kids aged 4-12 in the world of professions. Natalia graduated from Novosibirsk State University with the Honors Bachelor degree in economics and completed joint executive MBA program at London Business School and Columbia Business School (NYC).
Anton Kolonin
Aigents, SingularityNET
Anton Kolonin received his first education as a programmer in the mathematical class of the Novosibirsk Academgorodok, after which he graduated cum laude from the Leningrad Mining Institute. By the end of the institute, he prepared for publication several scientific papers in the field of computational geophysics. After the institute, he independently developed a software-algorithmic complex for processing geophysical data, introduced into production in many CIS countries. This work served as the basis for his Ph.D. thesis, defended in 1998. Over the past 25 years, Anton Kolonin has participated as a leader or lead architect in many projects to develop algorithms and software, including those related to the use of AI, including the recognition of static text, moving objects, music, extracting information from texts and identifying events on financial markets - in Russian and foreign companies. Since 2014, he leads his own project Aigents, as the founder and technical director, 15 research papers have been published on the project topic. Since 2017, he is also software architect for AI and blockchain in the SingularityNET project.
Nadia Asoyan
Nadia Asoyan is the Head of Finance and Accounting at Robinhood, the fastest growing brokerage in the world that offers commission free stock and crypto trading. A first-generation immigrant from Novosobirsk, Russia, Nadia earned her B.S. in Business at the Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley. Upon graduation, Nadia joined Ernst and Young where she focused on tech and biotech clients. She discovered her passion for Fintech through her experience at Square, where she joined a small team to build accounting practices, and later, was a key member for the IPO process.
Fedor Katrukha
MEL Science
Fedor began his career in 2012 as a project manager at KupiVip, one of the largest Russian e-commerce holding companies. In 2012, he co-founded Russia's first online marketplace for designer goods, Fabika.ru, where he worked as the Executive Director until 2016, and established white label stores with the largest entertainment websites of thе time: adme.ru and fishki.net. In 2016, Fedor became the director of digital marketing at MEL Science, a British-Russian company that develops virtual reality lessons and safe chemistry experiments for children.
Viktor Mangazeev
Viktor Mangazeev is the founder and CEO of MyDFS, a blockchain-based daily fantasy sports platform. Viktor has a proven executive management track record and over 10 years of experience in the information technology industry. Prior to joining MyDFS, Viktor founded uTrener, a daily mobile fantasy sports operator. It also launched a white-label app for Europe biggest hockey league, KHL - (Kontinental Hockey League). In 2012-2014, Viktor also served as CIO of IQoneholdings, a large e-commerce holding (500mln$ revenue). Viktor holds a Masters degree in Nuclear Physics from National Research Nuclear University.
Katya Bryskina
STRELKA Institute
Katya Bryskina is an architect and researcher. She has a strong interest in the point where architecture, emergent technologies and art meet. She worked on new construction methods in parallel with material research, robotics and artificial intelligence for architectural application. Furthermore, throughout her career she has worked on art projects that are strongly engaged with architectural and design work and exhibites frequently in Russia and Europe.
Eugene Timko
Xploration Capital
Eugene has over 10 years of experience in venture capital, investment banking and management consulting. Before Xploration Eugene had served as an investment director of Finstar, global investment holding with assets under management of $2Bn. Within Finstar Eugene led VC investment activities. Before Finstar Eugene had worked since inception and spent 4 years in Inventure Partners, EU-focused VC with assets of over $100mm that was early investor in Gett and number of other successful startups. Previously Eugene has also spent time working as an associate in investment banking division of Morgan Stanley focusing on technology deals as well as worked as a senior business analyst in McKinsey and Company. Eugene is a lecturer and coach in Skolkovo Startup Academy. Eugene is an active angel investor and mentor to number of startups. Eugene has graduated with distinctions from MSTU n.a. Bauman as well as he holds MBA from Columbia Business School.
Ivan Kolomoets,
Graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Department of General and Applied Physics (studied 2002–2008). The prize taker and winner of Physics Olympiads at various levels (also the winner of the All-Russia Olympiad). Since 2011: co-founder and CEO of the UCHi.RU educational platform, which currently has 3m active users from Russia, USA, Brazil, South Africa, China and India.
Artem Goldman
Artem is an entrepreneur, strategist, and leader with 10+ years of experience in Tech. He was included in rating Forbes 30 under 30 member. Prior to Visabot, he founded 3 companies. Artem is an international speaker and am quoted widely on the topics of artificial intelligence, legal innovation, organizational change, legal technology, and entrepreneurship. In 2016, he was named to the Forbes Russia Startup of the year along with my Legal Space co-founder for our work in law and policy. Goldman has been featured in numerous national and international media outlets including Forbes, VentureBeat, The Next Web, Inc. Magazine, TechCrunch. Visabot is a member of Lexis Nexis Acceleration program, Stanford Code-x, 500 startups, Boost.VC, Founder Institute.
Peter Fedichev
Gero LLC
Peter co-founded two biotech companies, Quantum Pharmaceuticals, a drug discovery company, and Gero, a longevity startup that started out as a project of Quantum Pharmaceuticals and is focused on developing therapies that will extend a healthy human lifespan. Peter's scientific background lies in the field of condensed matter physics, biophysics, and bioinformatics. He was top-2 cited Russian physicist under 35 and has conducted research at Kurchatov Institute, one of the leading science government agencies in Russia, AMOLF, an academic institute for fundamental physics in the Netherlands, and the University of Innsbruck. Peter earned his M.S. in theoretical physics from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and his Ph.D. from the University of Amsterdam and currently has over 70 publications in peer-reviewed journals.
Andrey Karmatsky
CEO Urbica, Information architect, tutor of the Urban BigData course MA Prototyping Future Cities of Higher School of Economics, edotoлr in-chief thematic Telegram channel "Urban Data". Urbica — multidisciplinary team of designers, researchers, engineers, data scientists focused on the urban environment quality improvements. Combining experience in data analysis and user interface design Urbica focused on improving human user experience in the context of cities.
Alexander Frolov
Target Global
Alex founded Target Global in 2012 and has been actively involved in building the organisation ever since. He leads the firm's late stage investment practice and has invested in many successful marketplace companies. Amongst these, many are positioned in the FoodTech space, such as Delivery Hero (FRA:DHER) and Blue Apron (NYSE:APRN), as well as Lemoncat and FoodFox (acquired by Yandex). Alex's recent focus is directed towards transportation and travel investments: Juno (sold to Get), Dreamlines, etc. Prior to joining Target Global, Alex worked at the VC firm DFJ Esprit in London. Before that, he led several private and corporate startups in the tech field, including the medical business unit of United Corporation for Innovations. He started his career in asset management, running the public market tech & telco fund. He holds a bachelor's degree from London School of Economics and Political Sciences and an MBA from London Business School. Additionally, Alex holds the Chartered Financial Analyst ® designation.
Alexei Moiseenkov
Capture Technologies Inc
27 years old entrepreneur working in Moscow and Bay Area. Founded Prisma with over 120 million downloads, now founder Capture backed by top Silicon Valley funds. Former Pro WoW player and Hearthstone lover. Reading quantum physics.
Catherine Ross
Before she became an Assistant Editor in Chief, Catherine was running Analytical, Markets and Explained Content for a year. She has also been responsible for the brand building and сommunications of the company. Featured in "Top Crypto influencers" and "Women in Blockchain" lists, she's now managing the editorial workflow at one of the leading publications covering cryptocurrency, blockchain, decentralized applications, the internet of finance and the next generation web. Prior to that, Catherine was working as an Editor at capital.com, a fintech company developing AI trading software solutions & mobile applications. Before she entered the fintech world, she was serving as a simultaneous interpreter-intern at the United Nations Refugee Agency and a volunteer at the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent societies.
Andrey Doronichev
Andrey Doronichev is a Director of Product Management at Google, overseeing development of augmented and virtual reality apps. In the past, Andrey headed the team that worked on YouTube mobile apps. Andrey was born and raised in Moscow where he founded several internet companies prior to joining Google.
Vera Futorjanski
Dubai Future Foundation
Vera is an Advisor to Governments on Innovation, a female empowerment supporter, and a social impact advocate. Vera serves as a Global Ambassador and Mentor for Vital Voices, a Hillary Clinton and Madeleine Albright NGO that works with women leaders. She is a member of the founding team for the Dubai Future Accelerators, an initiative of the Dubai Government to accelerate innovation. Before joining the government of Dubai, Vera has set up the UAE chapter of Techfugees, a social enterprise mobilizing the international tech community to respond to the refugee situation. Prior to that, Vera was the Founder and MD of a tech startup in MENA. Before that Vera ran the global communications for Rocket Internet during the IPO, the largest tech IPO in Germany. Vera has lived in 10 countries and is fluent in five languages.
Yury Melnichek
Bulba Ventures
Yury is tech entrepreneur and venture investor. He founded MAPS.ME (acquired by Mail.Ru Group) and AIMATTER (acquired by Google). In spring 2018, together with his business partner Andrei Avsievich, founded Bulba Ventures to invest in machine learning startups. Yury's main areas of expertise are computer vision, machine learning and data science. He regularly speaks at international conferences and mentors at hackathons.
Iskander Giniyatullin
Sistema VC
The expert in M&A and investment management and Partner at Sistema_VC, the venture fund focused on investmentments in deep tech - startups developing technology businesses with applied AI/ML, computer vision, cognitive technologies, big data, innovated network infrastructure. Sistema_VC looks for companies at A Stage, now the portfolio includes 15 companies from Russia, the Netherlands, UK, Israel.
Mikhail Batin
"Science for Life Extension"
Mikhail Batin is the President of the Scientific Research Support Foundation "Science for Life Extension". Mikhail is the author of some popular science books and articles on the research into the mechanisms of ageing and exploration of scientific methods for radical extension of a human lifespan. Since 2009, he has been organising international scientific conferences on the genetics of ageing and longevity.
Dylan Love
Business Insider
Dylan Love is an editorial consultant and contributing reporter with more than 10 years of digital media experience. His journalism appears in Business Insider, Men's Journal, The Next Web, Inverse, TIME.com, and beyond. He works with clients across industries and around the world to optimize their online English communication, from landing pages to blog posts to pitch decks, and would love to do the same for you.
Dr. Igor Ryabenkiy
20+ years of investment experience, Igor began his angel investor career long before "startup" and "innovation" became buzz terms. Turning into a 'super angel', following his successes during the start-up boom, Igor put together a team and founded Altair Capital. Since then, Altair Capital raised several funds and has numerous exits as well as managing successful investment syndicates. Current fund - ASF - is a fast growing and profitable attracts reputable investor partners globally.
Dmitry Falaleev
Now developing Global educational startup. Founder of Firrma.ru, leading Russian tech media for venture capital industry (bought in 2018 by Roem.ru). Prior to January 2012 worked as Business Development Director in Digital October Center. Before that for seven years worked in Harvard Business Review Russia as Deputy Editor, and later as Business Development Director. PhD in Philology. Ideologist of various events and communities on leadership and management problems (HBR Club, HYPE, GP Club), as well as big events for venture capital industry (Venture Awards Russia (2013-2015), TechCrunch Moscow 2011, Limited Partners Unlimited, etc.). Author of articles on management, business education, tech entrepreneurship. Professional interests: media, venture capital, entrepreneurship, education and knowledge.
Dmitry Dumick
Dmitry Dumick, a series businessman from the Silicon Valley, a CEO and Founder of Chatfuel startup. Chartfuel is a 200mln-user platform for generating chat-bots all over the world. The startup has come through the most prestigious world accelerator Y Combinator and raised funds from leading world companies and venture funds, among which are Greylock, YC, 500 Startups and Yandex. The young businessman got into RBC rating of The 20 Most Perspective Heroes of the Future, he is interested not only in innovative technologies but puts great emphasis on spiritual development as well. He is practising yoga and meditation, has undertaken Vipassana meditation and other retreats. Last year, he was lucky to enjoy breakfast with Mark Zuckerberg.
Sergey Sosulnikov
Target Asset Management
Sergeу joined the team of Target Asset Management in early 2017, and is the company's Managing Partner. Prior to joining Target Asset Management, Sergei headed the Department of Structured Investment Development at Russia's largest brokerage BKS. In 2010-2015, Sergei worked as the project lead at the Department of Product Development of Alfa Capital asset management company. He graduated from the School of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics of Moscow State University in 2010.
Liza Lichtinger
Future Design Station, MindfulExistenC
Liza Lichtinger is an ambitious Inventor with an International Presence backed by 15+ years in Wellness, Tech Startups, Fortune 500s, and Academia. An inquisitive female futurist, the central intent of the Psychologist, Wellness Expert and Digital Prodigy remains focused on the mission to educate corporations and world governments about the benevolent collaboration of Tech and Human Behavior (as recognized in Forbes) as the world advances towards ethical alignment with the future indigenous footprint of humanity. Liza is a first generation American, grew up the first few years of her life in Mexico City, and is of Eastern European descent. Liza's most recent work, which she calls Intelligence Learning, has resulted in competing with a team for the IBM WATSON XPRIZE (completed second round). Liza is the owner of Future Design Station and Founder of MindfulExistenC LLC, holds two Masters in Counseling and Clinical Psychology, Human Capital Development Degree from ILR at Cornell, Neuroscience and Data Science Degree, led to being at the forefront of Applied Mindfulness and HCI.
Sergey Lukashkin
VTB Bank
More than 11 years in the banking sector. Has extensive practical experience in managing programs and projects of digital transformation, business process reengineering, service standards, methodology and retail sales management in large retail banks: URALSIB, NOMOS-Bank, Otkritie, VTB Bank. Now he is actively engaged in projects of digital transformation based on DTL, AI, VR / AR technologies, biometric identification in VTB bank.
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